So I am on the phone with another medical student, and we are talking about the importance of naturopathic medicine and how all the hard work will pay off after we graduate.  As I walked and talked around the house I noticed something moving up my driveway.  It was a man with a hose!

What on earth was this random man doing on my property with a hose? Oh my word, I thought, there is something coming out of the hose!  I looked a little harder and what do you know the man is spraying something on our rocks, near our trash can! "Oh my goodness", I yelled to my friend on the phone, "there is a man outside spraying pesticides!"  Without giving much thought to the fact that I was dressed in my pajamas, I ran downstairs and hurried out the front door.

Still on the phone with my friend, I asked the man what he was doing, and if he was spraying pesticides (of course I already knew the answer as the fumes mulled me over as I exited my house).  His response was a simple yes, followed by a puzzled look as if thinking what's it to you?  I asked him why he was spraying on my property and he just said it did not matter since the houses were close together.  Interesting I must say.  "Pesticides are completely safe, even for kids and animals" he ignorantly said.  I thought my heart might break through my chest as my anger began to build.  "No they are not safe" I responded. I do not care what you say, pesticides are a neurotoxin" I continued. 

I guess I offended him and started telling me that if I was going to talk to him like that that he did not care.  I told him it was not anything against him, it was against the pesticides! "but they are completely safe" he said. 'Oh my goodness, did he really just say that again?', I thought.  My friend still being on the phone chimes in, little did I recall that she was on speaker phone so he heard what she had to say as well.  "People just do not know, they are just ignorant to the truth" she said.  Meanwhile, the new neighbor, yes she is new, I have never met the lady, pulls up, probably wondering why I am talking to her bug guy.  All the while a neighbor across the street is watching us go back and forth from his front porch.  I do not know why he was so interested in the scene, I mean there was no neck or eye rolling involved, and I kept my hand movements to a minimum. 

Anyway, I told the man he should be wearing a mask, and he proceeded to tell me that he has been doing this for two years without a mask and is perfectly fine.  In addition, he said pesticides are safer than they were back in the 1970's, and that the people spraying the pesticides back then are the ones with a tremor now (he did not say tremor, but he shook his hand back and forth as though that is what he was referring to).  Hmmm, so perhaps in another 30 years or so his hands will be shaking as well, and if I am still in AZ, perhaps he will be one of my many patients that I have to treat for environmental toxicity. Poor guy, he has no idea.  Of course he thinks they are safe, otherwise he would not be spraying them on people's property, especially not without protective gear.  He has been deceived, and like many other Americans, does not see the issue with spraying neurotoxins on people's property, let alone, breathe them in day after day.

Before I go, I must tell you one more story.  So, how about I was driving out of the neighborhood one morning I drove past a man and his son.  The little boy was probably 3 years old, and guess what he and his dad were doing together....?  You guessed it, they were spraying round up on their front yard.  I think my heart stopped and my mind went wild.  I could hardly believe my eyes.  Hey dad of the three year old, have you ever heard of baseball?

Posted on 9/28/2010 12:00 AM
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