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Dr. Flynn does not certify just any old supplement on the market. There are certain standards the supplements must meet in order to get her stamp of approval. If she would not take it herself and/or recommend it to a family member, and if the following criteria are not met, as seen below, then you will not find the Julie-Certified label next to the product.

Remember, not all supplements are created the same. In order for a supplement to get the Julie-Certified label, it must meet the following criteria. Click on each category to learn more…


  • Vitamins must be in certain form, for example, B-12 is often cyanocobalamin, but I prefer it as methylcobalamin or hydroxycobalamin. This is just one example, but I only certify products that offer the highest quality vitamins and minerals, in their best, most valuable, and safest form.
  • Cannot contain unnecessary fillers or binders, or artificial Colors.
  • Must be free of gluten, corn, sugar, starch, soy, preservatives and hydrogenated Oils
  • Must be in capsule form

My Favorites:

  • PureFoods by Pure Encapsulations
  • Polyphenol Nutrients by Pure Encapsulations
  • Nutrient 950 by Pure Encapsulations

Protein powders: Whey, Pea, and Rice

  • Must be from concentrate; not the isolate form
  • Must be organic, or in the case of Whey protein, from cows that live in the fresh air, get plenty of sunshine, graze on chemical-free grass, and are not treated with hormones and antibiotics
  • Must be free of sugar, artificial colors, and unnecessary additives and preservatives, and non-GMO

My top 3 favorites:

  • Whey Cool by Designs for Health
  • Peatein pea protein concentrate unsweetened by Designs for Health
  • PaleoMeal protein powder (whey or rice) by Designs for Health

Fish oils

  • Must be independently tested for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), dioxins and furans, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and the absence of detectable levels of mercury as well as other heavy metals
  • Must be pharmaceutical grade
  • No fishy odor or taste

My favorites:

  • Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oil with essential oil of orange (liquid or capsules). Not only is this a great product, but it gives you the most for your money!


  • Cannot contain corn, starch, wheat, preservatives, artificial coloring or flavors
  • Should contain Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium

My favorite:

  • Innate Response Flore Complete Care
  • HMF powder

Greens and reds powders

  • Fruit and vegetables used must be organic
  • Must be free of sugar, artificial colors, and unnecessary additives and preservatives, and GMO-free
  • Must mix well, in a blender bottle, with water
  • Must be palatable

A few of my Favorites

  • Innate Response Renewal Greens
  • EssentiaGreens by Designs for Health
  • Greens First and Greens First Berry
  • PaleoReds by Designs for Health
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