"Like cures like." Homeopathy may be one of the most difficult modalities to explain, and even more difficult to believe until you see it work! Once you see homeopathy do what it does best, which is heal, you quickly become a believer in the power of the "sugar pill", as many call it. Homeopathy may be best described by using an example, and the best example is to think of the symptoms that cutting an onion causes. When you cut an onion your nose starts to run and your eyes tear up, similar to allergies or a cold. So, in order to promote healing you would then take allium cepa (onion) in its homeopathic form (greatly diluted), for runny nose and watery eyes, because like cure like. Since allium cepa, which is onion, produces these type of symptoms it is known to heal these symptoms as well. Like cures like and less is more is the simplest way to think about homeopathy. Homeopathy is safe and effective. Remedies are recommended based on the patient history and symptoms. It works on an energetic level to bring healing to the body. Homeopathy is great for all ages, even pets!

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