Microneedling and Facial Rejuvenation

Do you want an alternative to Botox? Do you want to see improvement in you skin texture and complexion? Are you tired of looking tired? Do you want to say goodbye to those unwanted laugh lines and crows feet? If you answered yes to any of the above then facial rejuvenation may be just the therapy you need to look healthier and feel better.

Facial rejuvenation (acupuncture) is an ancient beauty method that is gaining much popularity among many. It has become a “secret” of the stars of Hollywood, and is quickly kicking more invasive procedures to the curb as an effective alternative.

Facial rejuvenation is a form of acupuncture that is specific to transforming the skin of the face. It uses tiny needles that work to rebuild collagen, help tone the facial muscles, and nourish the skin by improving overall circulation, including blood and lymph circulation. Imagine doing all this without using harsh chemicals or undergoing invasive surgeries.

Everyone is different, but you can expect to do at least 6-10 treatments twice a week initially. Following the initial treatment, you can then expect to do one treatment a week for the 6 weeks. Maintenance follow-up treatments may be recommended once a month in order to enhance the results. Beautiful changes are usually noticed within the first six treatments. Results vary, but many people see slight changes in their complexion following their first treatment, noted as a healthy glow to their skin.