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Naturopathic Medicine involves helping the whole person; first doing no harm, and then working with patients to achieve healthy living for lifetime by getting to the root cause of the disease. Bandages are helpful for protecting a scrape, but they were never intended to heal; our bodies know how to do that innately when given the proper tools. We work to remove the bandage and get to the underlying cause, relying on the most noninvasive, natural modalities available.

The initial naturopathic consultation includes a zinc test, omega-3 test, individualized treatment plan that we discuss at the follow-up the following week, and an acupuncture treatment if desired. The treatment plan may include any labs available, supplement therapy, nutrition, lifestyle changes, physical movement plans, herbal therapy, homeopathy, flower essences, microcurrent therapy, and acupuncture. Once discussed you choose how to proceed.

The treatment plan is comprehensive and can sometimes feel overwhelming but we meet you where you are and work with you at your pace to achieve your health goals. We have many tools in our tool bag, allowing for great success in achieving optimal health. Health is a journey…

Nutrition is foundational, and we also encourage physical movement, good water, earthing, sunshine exposure, prayer, journaling, and laughter to help you achieve healthy living for a lifetime.

Physical Movement:

Let’s move! Learn about different ways to optimize your movement, get your blood pumping and you lymph flowing. Our bodies need to move. Whether it is walking, running, yoga, tennis, swimming, weight lifting, etc, find what you love to do and do it! Take the stairs, park far from the building, walk an extra lap, play with your kids! Let’s just start to move more as we work toward optimal health!

Lab Offerings:

  • Dutch Testing for hormonal concerns
  • Vitamin D test
  • Omega-3 test
  • Food sensitivity testing
  • Microbiome stool analysis
  • Candida test
  • Zinc Tally Test
  • …..and more

Inquire about our following opportunities:

  • Shop with the Doc
  • Work out with the Doc
  • Detox and Restock