To prevent is to keep something from happening, which is exactly what we want to do with diseases, sickness, pain, etc. In order to prevent sickness and promote optimal wellness, it is necessary to learn how to take care of our bodies in such a way that we never have before.

We have to stop eating junk and start eating nutritious foods that bring life to every cell in the body. We have to find time to get in physical movement, and learn how to relax and laugh. Keeping your body in a state of optimum health is prevention in itself. We may not be able to prevent every cold or headache, but what if a healthier lifestyle could prevent heart disease, diabetes, or even cancer? What if? Then would you try it? Then would putting down the soda and picking up the water be worth it?

What if prevention is key to a long, healthy life; and what if choosing the right foods, the right supplements, and the right activities all play a role in prevention? Just ask yourself, would it be worth it?